Sep 16, 2008

First Multimedia Project

I wrote this but completely forgot to post it ... whoops.

who: the dishwashers in Holloway Commons

what: a look into what they do, how they do it, and a little bit about who they are, these lovely people that pick up after us

when: after 9, when they close down and are finishing off the dishes

where: Holloway dish room with a little, i hope, in hoco

why: these guys do work hard for us, probably for not a lot of pay, and while unh dining isn't at the top of people's favorites lists right now, i don't think these guys had anything to do with it and would like to share their story.

how: stills of them working, audio in the room (i know it'll be loud). i kind of want a video from a cart when they wheel stuff out taped to the front, just to mix it up and see a little bit of what they see.

so what? why is this news?: Again Hoco is not getting a lot of love right now and i imagine a lot of the workers there are feeling some animosity from the students. but what i hope the motivation behind watching this will be is curiosity - hopefully people are inherently interested about what goes on in that little room and who the people are that work there.

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