Sep 4, 2008

Digital Cameras

JP had a basketball tournament somewhere and instead of sitting in the gym, I opted for the car where i played with my mom's new digital camera. Giant, beastly thing she loved to death. I discovered built in templates and how to view the picture before hand on the screen. I ended up using it enough she just gave it to me. That was 1999. I've been playing with cameras ever since from old Kodak instants to disposable and now digital cameras. I don't edit much - usually basic Photoshop when I want something out.

Haven't really gotten into video too much other than taping a brother's basketball game or another brother's theater shows. I know that is the next step and I'm looking forward to playing some more with that medium. I imagine like everyone I have ideas for funny little videos but haven't had the desire to put them into action yet. It's kinda tough when you're easily distracted by Youtube.

Sure we use the Internet to stay connected to distant loved ones or find new loved ones, for business or news. But one major benefit is this wondrous Youtube. What started as an underground media movement has turned into a worldwide sensation. I can watch videos from Hong Kong at the same time as I check out the latest rugby highlights. And, really, where would we be without the endless videos of movie parodies or some ill fated soul attempting the gallon challenge. Yes, the Internet has made the already lazy students worse with information - true or not - available immediately at our fingertips. Yes, we are more vulnerable to scams, crooks, and pervs. Yes, we may be collectively more stupid as people use more and more text message lingo in face to face conversation. But, c'mon, who doesn't get a kick out of the Evolution of Dance?

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