Feb 1, 2010

Messing with the camera

Some practice with lighting and ISO.

I swear, there's a dog in there ... somewhere
Manual focus, 1600 ISO, and shade light balance. Idiot me forgot to change the settings...

Manual focus, 400 ISO, flash for the white balance. didn't work out too well. looks colder than i wanted. and it woke the dog.

Manual focus, 400 ISO, no flash. Ahh much better.

I just like this for the shoes.
Stood outside for an hour a few nights ago trying to get the snow on the trees. Most didn't turn out so hot, but here are the ones that did.

Manually setting the camera is a bigger pain, but it pays off in the end. Unless you're two years overdue for an eye exam and couldn't focus on a rock, then its gonna get a little tricky.

Headed to the opthamologist on thursday. The fuzzies will come to an end.