Dec 27, 2008

Pictures of the break in the Burrow

Trying to negiotate his path in the snow.

The aftermath of the storm. When it slid off the roof, it sounded like the whole place was caving in.

Keels among the food.

Totally interested in the movie times.

Working hard during a walk around snow covered Salem.

Heated Wii battles. Enter at your own risk.

Wintertime greetings from the Burrow

Someone much smarter than me dubbed the house the Burrow, a la Harry Potter. And i think that is incredibly fitting. Thus the title.

A lot has happened since we let out for the semester. The ice storm blew out power. Luckily Durham got it back Friday afternoon. Ate lunch/dinner in HoCo without power. that was fun. The fire alarm went off in my dorm room when we got it back. Not as much fun.

Despite being electrically challenged, UNH decided to go ahead with the finals. Lucky us. I can't complain, the Burrow was powerless for 37 hours (not that they were counting or anything) and had to deal with a flooded basement.

After the horrors of finals, i went home. No really, like right after. got out of the exam at 9:45 a.m., was on the road at 10. The first of the snow storms started that afternoon. The snow didn't stop till Monday morning. We got about three feet. Had to pave a path for the dog in the backyard. Let me tell you, running after a tiny dog in the snow should be a competition on Paris Hilton's BFF.

The week before Christmas was a blur of baking and cleaning. Then we got a lovely visit from Keeley before she headed west. Highlight was a game of Kings with the guys and Keeley. Too bad no one could remember the rules. That was interesting.

But now the rush is over. The snow is melting (flooding the basement again) and the food is disappearing. But i have to go, the gauntlet has been thrown and someone is going to lose in Wii tennis.

Dec 9, 2008

Mmm Popcorn.

First and foremost, last time i wrote, someone was kind enough to leave a comment regarding my beloved Patriots. My response: low blow, you-know-who, low blow.

Secondly, i am beyond impressed with the viewing. I'm really amazed at the quality the class was able to achieve given the hurdles everyone had to overcome. So congrats, we survived. Now we just need to do, what, like three dozen more and we're right on par with professionals.

Thirdly, thank you to everyone for the feedback. I like the idea of adding a third story but doubt it's possible given time constraints as well as a lack of another person. But i appreciate the idea, nonetheless. Thank you for the encouraging words about the photos and audio. My already oversized ego has grown considerably and I have you all to thank for it. muahaha.

Fourth, (Fourthly?) Dana as TA is the funniest thing because it seems like he cannot just sit at a computer, he needs to be moving around, doing something. Like when Sandy turned around to talk and we can see Dana clicking and randomly highlighting text. So thanks for that, Dana.

Finally, (Fifthly?) Popcorn is good. Possibly great. I believe more should be had. Lesson of the day, nay, the semester, better yet, the YEAR - Popcorn. Is. Good.