Sep 9, 2008

Blog Number Two and It's Creative Title

My mom would have killed me. She absolutely would have taken a blunt object to my temple then my body to the shed, if I was pregnant at 19. I was curious to see how Matt and Melissa Eich handled young pregnancy.

The slide show with video did absolute justice to their story. Starting with her voice over still of picture eventually cutting to her talking to the camera was a brilliant visual lead. The stills are captive enough to draw you in, the video enough to hold you. While she did wax a bit of religion, he seemed more tangible - real language, real actions. He says at one point something along the lines of wondering if you're going to be a good parent. good husband, or if you're going to fuck it all up. Again the use of video there helped to solidify the reality of the story. You can actually watch him debate over whether to drop the f-bomb or not. Then at the wedding he toasts with the camera. A light, silly touch.

The frequent cuts to video helped, for me at least, to establish Matt and Melissa as real people instead of stills or models. The slide show moments were really good. At least twice the pictures were changing in tune with the music which I thought was cinematic and cool. The sound quality wasn't the best - that first video sounded pretty fuzzy - but i think that added to the whole theme of they're normal people going through something big. Loved the simple acoustic guitar bits. Definitely storing that idea for later.

Kind of getting nervous watching these bits. They are really good. Definitely going to be interesting trying to even remotely try to match that ...

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Sandy Marsters said...

Very nicely done blog. I look forward to helping you explore your passion for photography, hopefully giving it a journalistic component. Think about a photo story you might want to pursue.