May 31, 2010

Summer lovin'

I'm goal oriented. I get it from my German grandfather. So without further ado, my summertime goals

Learn to use this

Have had this for a while, thanks to Keels for telling me to join. Now, going on almost two years, i figure i should really sit down and figure out all its nifty tricks. so watch out for lots of useless updates.

Get better at this

I'm working on upgrading to a dslr with hd video which will bring its own mess of new things to learn, but i really need to focus on using the light, switching the iso and f-stops, and using the lens to its full awesomeness

Eat more of these

I have found i really love fruit. not so much with the veggies. So i'm working on that. these were for the summer pesto-pasta salad that the boys enjoyed.

now if they could just work on their cleaning skills...

Wear this a lot

Can you see that? It says Northwestern. As in Northwestern University. As in holy s$!t Northwestern! The sweatshirt was a going away present from the lovely flamingos, who i will be missing this summer.

(The lovely ladies of 13, plus Patrick)

So there they are, some goals for the summer. I'm certain they will change as my methods quarter at NU starts in twenty days. AHH!