Nov 2, 2010

Tourist Tuesday: the Art Institute of Chicago Museum

It’s only fitting that, given the movie which started this endeavor, the Museum of the Art Institute is featured on Tourist Tuesday.

I had planned on going during the free hours on Thursday, but then got the tip that it would be crazy busy so decided to go during paying business hours. Friday afternoon wasn't too busy, which was nice.

It's a good sized museum with a lot of different options, but the Museum offers a quick hit of the twelve things to see in under an hour, like Seurat's A Sunday on La Grande Jatte, van Gogh's The Bedroom, Seated Buddha, and Wood's American Gothic.

I saw most of the sites but ended up taking photos of things that grabbed me. And like a bad tourist, I didn't get the names of most of what I got.

My suggestion is to try to hit the big things but take the time to linger where you can. Also, if at all possible, channel your inner Bueller, like Cam and his family.

The late great John Huges offers a much better tour of the museum.

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