Nov 27, 2010

Thankgiving tradition

Christmas decorations at Navy Pier
My favorite Thanksgiving tradition happens the day after the feast. A few years ago, after dinner my mother was talking about the impending decorating.

"Thanksgiving is over. I'm ready for Christmas. Ready to just wake up tomorrow and just have everything be Christmas," she said.

So that's what I did. As is my habit (I'm a night owl by nature), I stayed up to the wee hours, putting up the decorations. When the family got up the next morning, the house was full-blown winter wonderland.

It has become my favorite thing to do. Everyone goes to sleep, well-fed and content. Then its just me (and the dog), some music, and our beloved holiday decorations.

Last year was tough, for a boat load of sad reasons. And for the most part, we're infinitely better this year than last.

But I'm not there to stay up late Thursday night, jamming to Bing Crosby and Elvis Christmas tunes, lining up the little houses my mom loves, hanging the bulbs my brothers have to be so careful of, or busting out the Noel plates on which my father will enjoy his Christmas brunch.

Which is a bummer, in some respects.

This year, I got to eat with my Bartlett family, witness the carving of a Turducen, and cheer on the Pats in a non-hostile environment.

A different Thanksgiving, but a good one.

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