Aug 9, 2009

Top Chef, Burrow-style

You can tell when something’s up in the Burrow – the kitchen is teeming with action.

Brendan took to the oven when in a horrible, tragic accident there was no ice cream in the house. So Chef Boy-R-Dee decided to make extra large sugar cookies with sprinkles.

Might’ve been overdone. But he ate ‘em.

I made some low-fat cranberry orange muffins. The usual recipe for muffins – flour, butter, baking powder, eggs, milk, and sugar – then folded in some dried cranberries and homemade orange zest (do you know how expensive the stuff from the store is? $6 for one bottle?! Oh I don’t think so).

It’s no giant meatball or Reece’s cup cake, but I’ll work on that.

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