Aug 12, 2009

Productive Proscrastination

If you’re an intern or just on that email list from Lisa, you know the time for the final evaluation is right around the corner. Which includes a four page paper on something we’ve learned. And in the most productive way I know how to procrastinate, here’s a list of what I’ve learned.

  • The ins and outs of photoshop, my bestest best friend
  • The thrill of speeding to a breaking news story
  • People I’ve known for less than 30 seconds find my awkwardness as amusing as my family
  • How to use Jazzbox
  • When you need alacrity, Jazzbox give you molasses
  • Rejection is a daily occurrence. If you’re lucky, it won’t be in public. If you’re not, it’ll be loud and embarrassing within hearing distance of at least two dozen people.
  • How a water tower works. And why you can’t aren’t allowed on the 150 foot tower.
  • On the 495 south turnoff from 95, you want to be in the left lane. The right is riddled with pot holes
  • The importance of deadlines and cushion and why the former should never be too close and the latter never too empty
  • An Einstein bobblehead is a desk necessity
  • Going without coffee seems like such a good idea until a 300 word brief takes you four hours
  • There is no quick way to explain where i stand academically, so in the interest of saving time, i'm graduating in may.
  • That I make a terrible fishermen
  • The story you want the least to do with will be the one people expect the most of
  • if you can make them laugh, the person you just rear ended will stop their curse filled critique of your existence.
  • when I needed the words the most, all I had was ‘thank you’
  • The most memorable advice I got all summer was from the biggest man I’ve ever known. “Just relax. You have to have faith.”

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