Oct 1, 2008


This was fun. I didn't have too much trouble with the camera tho clearly i don't have the steadiest of hands and was surprised to find mid-shot, the point-and-shoot doesn't zoom when it's in video mode. other than that it was okay. i knew what i wanted out of each shot ahead of time as well as a working knowledge of windows moviemaker so that wasn't too bad. now if youtube would just stop editing the page, i could upload it. still waiting though. i think next time, i'll bust out a digital video recorder. i know i can zoom with that plus add some effects. it's bigger which i think works out for steadying the camera

i read in a few other blogs people commenting on the guest speaker. I think it's a cool idea. I'm a Woodstock learner (you know, the little yellow bird on Charlie Brown). That is trial and error. So for me class time as discussion works really well. I thought it was great to hear from someone who has done it and hear what he's learned. I actually would have liked time to pick his brain a little more but oh well. Looking forward to tomorrow's class.

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