Oct 15, 2008

Oh ok, I'm not alone

I was really nervous about this. Not to say I'm not now. It's just ... less.

I too am rethinking the project. I wanted to do something with the compost but am having a hard time making food look good on film. That, and its hard getting good audio when you're gagging in the background. Go figure.

While i still like the idea of food, maybe doing something with preparation in a dining hall or documenting a whole day at one of the stations in HoCo.

A second idea: I'm taking a class in studio production in Nashua. There is a whole TV Station in Nashua South High School. Seniors produced and directed the TV interviews with the presidential candidates for the Telegraph. The teacher used to work in TV and he's really cool. The angle then would be kids learning broadcast and being able to essentially handle profession assignments.

As multimedia, both these projects would show, not tell the part of the story most don't see. The pictures would show a HoCo worker making dozens of batches of cookies at one time or someone at stir fry handling three different orders at once. A track audio would be them talking about the work, what they like/don't like about it, etc. B track would be people talking, the noises of stir fry, the sounds of HoCo.

Or. Or the pictures of students handling the cameras or directing, holding the boom mics or manning the switch board. A track audio is Jim Phieffer, the teacher, talking about teaching the students and what it takes to learn TV and make a profession out of it. Students talking about what interested them in that and how they like it. B would be a filming, student director giving orders or Jim teaching them.

On another note, I'm with Bobby and Jon with the technology frustrations. I have studio class on Wednesday where I'm irritating the more knowledgeable high schoolers with my endless questions, ultimately getting mad because there is a lot i don't know. Then Thursday where I'm usually equally lost and just ready to quit. But i figure if i passed three science classes and a math, I can handle this which really interests me. It just might take well into the next semester or two.

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