Jun 20, 2010

You know you're a nerd when

you set up the tripod and lighting for a head shot.

Jun 6, 2010

Financially Sensible Meals

This is not one of them.

With my impending single living on the horizon - eleven days and counting - I've realized things are going to change. After a year of living at the Burrow (post-college-ish), I've become accostumed to making giant serving sizes of meals.

This is one serving for one of the Burrow-dwellers

not all of which are necessarily cost effective.
Today's sponsor - Pillsbury Crescent Rolls

And given my student status, i'm going to need more cost-effective meals.
Read: I'm going to be eating a lot of yogurt. And my days of aspargus-chicken pie-making days are numbered.

When Bad Icing Happens to Good Cakes

This happens every time i make a cake.

It doesn't matter how long i wait for the cakes to cool, how long the cakes are cooked, or what kind of icing i use.
The cakes falls apart.

But this is a whole new level of fail. At least the others wait until the layers are complete splitting open.

I comfort myself with the knowledge, not every dessert needs icing.

I give you the Turtle Tart. Cookie, caramel and chocolate makes for one delicious trip to heaven on a plate.

Better get your hands on some before they disappear.

Get it? because some one's hand is in there. hah. too funny....