Dec 16, 2010

Seasons Greetings from the Burrow

Just some shots from life back at the Burrow.
Made about 20 so oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Took the photo, went to put the camera away and only two were still on the pan. Three months away and I've forgotten how quickly food goes in the Burrow.
(Read: the boys snatched up about 18 cookies between them in under five minutes)
At some point, when we, the kids, got old enough that mom trusted we wouldn't smash nice decorations, she bought a bunch of nice glass ornaments.
Some of those ornaments happen to be Santa heads. Which strikes me as odd.

Dad at work. I think he's a cool guy.

Non-Santa head ornaments, just to prove not all of them are Santa heads.

Happy Holidays

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Keeley Smith said...

FAAAABulous pictures. Love the Burrow.